Rustmasters - Complete Corrosion Control

Providing a rejuvenation process for metal, timber, concrete and masonry

Rustmasters provides a rejuvenation process for metal, timber, concrete and masonry.

Rustmasters uses a combination of high pressure water blasting and Rustmasters products to restore and protect metal, timber, concrete and masonry structures.

Water blasting combined with Rustmasters products, gives the same results as abrasive blasting but at a fraction of the cost.

Before After

To preserve the "like new" finish after water blasting, Rustmasters uses products including Rustmasters Alucoat, Rustmasters U-tar for underbody sealing and in ground steel structures and Rustmasters Concreseal for waterproofing masonry surfaces.

Rustmasters Concreseal when used in conjunction with Rustmasters is an effective treatment for concrete cancer.

Rustmasters can then be over coated with other Rustmasters products, conventional paints or 2-packs.

The Whole Secret Is....

Light coats - do not attempt to over apply as the product will not set. Apply wet on wet until the rusted surface dries to a shine, a mat finish shows insufficient product applied.

Observe the shine - surface has a shine if product has been applied properly

The system can be over coated with oil based paints within 6 hours. Overnight drying is required for two packs and other systems. Always check a section first, check for frying.

Rustmasters can be used as an additive (thinner) to oil based paints - Rustmasters lends its properties, increased flow, reduced porosity, increased protection and durability (allow approx 15%). It can be applied by brush, roller, conventional and airless spray.